we require 72 hrs notice for cake orders during the Summer season. thank you

Cakes Choices:

Gold Cake     Carrot cake     Marble cake     Chocolate Cake   

  White Almond cake   Fudge cake  


Pastry cream     Apricot filling     German chocolate     Raspberry preserve     Vanilla Buttercream     Lemon Buttercream     Mocha buttercream     Chocolate Ganache

Hazelnut buttercream     Coconut buttercream        Chocolate buttercream     Raspberry buttercream     Cream Cheese buttercream     Fresh berries & pastry cream       Cookies and Cream


Vanilla Buttercream     Chocolate Buttercream     Chocolate ganache     Mocha Buttercream     Hazelnut buttercream

Raspberry buttercream     Lemon Buttercream     Hazelnut buttercream     Coconut buttercream   


All our cakes have 3 layers of cake and 2 layers of filling (except. Carrot cake )

Our cakes are decorated with Butter cream flowers unless specified otherwise

Sizes and Servings

Sizes 6 " Serves 6  ,  Sizes 8 "   Serves  10-12  ,   Sizes 10"  Serves 16 ,  

Sizes  12" Serves  20-25,  Sizes   14" Serves 30-45 ,  1/2 sheet Serves 30-40 

 Full Sheet   Serves 60-70


Before placing your order, please inform your server if a person in your party has a food allergy