Boston Cream Pie

A classic for the visitor of Massachusetts made of two layers of yellow cake with a pastry cream in between, covered with chocolate ganache.

Chocolate truffle cake

For the chocolate lovers, three layers of chocolate cake with ganache in between and around.            

Mocha Double fudge .

lease note that decoration may vary

Mocha double fudge

Three layers of  fudge cake with a chocolate ganache in between  and mocha butter cream  on the top.

Chocolate Mousse

An elegant classic made with a fine layer of chocolate cake with chocolate mousse on the top covered with a smooth, shiny chocolate glaze.

Decoration may vary

Carrot cake

3 layers of carrot cake filled and covered with a delicious cream cheese frosting and decorated with hand crafted butter cream carrots.

Black forest ( unavailalble in the summer season)

Three layers of chocolate cake flavored with Kirsch, filled with ganache, whipped cream and dark cherries soaked in Kirsch. Covered with whipped cream and decorated with chocolate shavings.

Gold Vanilla

Decoration may vary

Our traditional, all occasions, three layers gold cake, filled and covered with white vanilla butter cream,  and decorated with butter cream flowers.

Double chocolate

Three layers of chocolate cake, filled and covered with chocolate butter cream, and decorated with butter cream flowers.